Five books for teaching young children how to be great leaders

It is never too early to start teaching your children about
leading others. There are simple ideas and stories on leadership in the
following books that help young children build the skills to become positive, courageous,
and compassionate leaders.

Swimmy, written by
Leo Lionni

The book tells the story of the fish Swimmy who is different
from the other fish in his school. However, when the other fish are scared of
the dangers, he knows how to combine his uniqueness with a little ingenuity, bravery,
and teamwork to lead his friends to overcome their fears.

My First Biography:
Martin Luther King, Jr., written by Marion Dane Bauer

My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr., aimed at beginning readers, describes the journey of Dr. King from a child seeing social injustice all around him to the iconic civil rights leader that helped Americans get closer to racial equality.

Little Blue Truck,
written by Jill McElmurry

Little Blue Truck is a board book offering a great story for teaching toddlers how to overcome obstacles with a little help from their friends. It is amazingly illustrated with the fun truck and animal noises, helping kids learn perseverance, compassion, and teamwork to become a good leader.

Oh, the Places You’ll
Go!, written by Dr. Seuss

The classic book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! encourages kids to have confidence in themselves and broaden their horizons. It gives children the encouragement that they all have the potential to do whatever they want.

The Day the Crayons
Quit, written by Drew Daywalt

Duncan opens his crayons box one day and finds it empty. The
reason is that they have gone on strike because of various grievances, including
overwork, boredom, and professional jealousy. Finally, a solution is reached
that makes everyone happy. The Day the Crayons Quit shows that part of leading
is to understand the feelings and perspectives of others.