The World’s Best Books Should Be Read For Success (Part 2)

Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy

Voted and rated as the best books in the world to read in the past 200 years. The book is considered the culmination of romantic novels after 4 years of writing the novel, the writer has gained a new position on Russian literary literature as well as in the world.

This book is immediately considered one of the best novels of human literature. Anna Karenina is represented by a masterful pen so you should read Anna Karenina to once again see his thought and literary talent.

The Man Without Qualities – Robert Musil

This great novel is the story of the life of Ulrich – a veteran and scientist, a cynical but also full of charm. The person who drafted a plan to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef. When the latest edition is released it has added some missing facts about his life.

Odyssey – Homer

The contents of the book are the majestic majestic pictures of the Greeks during the conquest of nature and migration to open the land. The work tells the arduous journey of Odyssêy (or Ulysses) on his way back home after the Greeks defeated Troy.

Reflecting a high stage in the disintegration of the clan society, they entered a peaceful working life aspiring to conquer the world around them. The formation of a monogamous family with patriarchy and property rights.

The Arabian Nights – Anonymous

This world’s best book is a story about a wonderful world, expressing desire and joy. The book’s content describes the harmonious blend of mysterious superheroes with ordinary things and sacredness and insults.

Above are the best books in the world you should read when you are stuck or do not know which direction to choose for yourself. I wish you every success !