The most awesome books for gaming fans (part 1)

Whether it’s battling otherworldly aliens, embarking on a heroic quest, or hacking into mainframes, these awesome books are the perfect companions to some of your favorite computer games. Now, time to put down the controller…

Only You Can Save
Mankind, Terry Pratchett

The book follows Johnny Maxwell, a normal boy with the most ordinary life. He loves video games, but one day, after receiving a mysterious message from the last remaining alien spaceship in the game he’s playing, his life drastically changes. Johnny becomes humanity’s last hope and finds himself the hero of the story that helps an alien race. Only You Can Save Mankind is a thrilling adventure you’ll never want to end. 

My Magical Life,
written by Zach King

My Magical Life follows the weird and wonderful life of Zach, a boy who’s capable of doing magic (without a wand). Everyone wants to know how he does his tricks but mean girl Tricia wants to bring him down. The book comes with a super-cool app that brings the book and characters to life through awesome augmented reality. Tech fans will love scanning and tapping to interact with the characters that appear on the pages. Be sure to collect all the trophies!

Super Mario Official
Sticker Book

A legend in his own right, Mario and pals are a firm fave of all ages. And now he’s back, in sticker form! This awesome activity book features hundreds of stickers so that you can stick Mario and all of your fave characters’ faces onto your computer, notebooks, phone, and anywhere else that takes your fancy! You will love solving all the puzzles with this plumbing duo and their famous friends.

Hacker by Malorie

Vicky is the best hacker in the world and when her father is
arrested after being accused of stealing money from the bank he works at, she
uses her hacking skills to prove his innocence. She attempts to break into the
bank’s computer files… but will she be able to find the real thief before she
gets caught? This is a fantastic read for those with a passion for coding.