The most awesome books for gaming fans (part 3)

Legend of Zelda Official Sticker Book

Hardcore fans of the epic Legend of Zelda will love this awesome sticker activity book supported your favorite game! This sticker book is full of all the characters from the series, super-fun activities and bags of puzzles. It includes many stickers – numerous you’ll even share them together with your friends! It’ll keep you entertained until subsequent Nintendo game is released and obtain you back to the present amazing world during a unique and exciting way.

Sword of Herobrine by Jim Anotsu

The Sword of Herobrine by Jim Anotsu tells the story of Arthur and Mallu, a brother and sister who couldn’t be more different. Mallu loves playing Minecraft whilst her brother absolutely hates the sport. But when his sister gets sucked into the Overworld, Arthur has no choice but to urge there to save lots of her. This is often a story full of zombies, creepers and more monsters than you’ll count! Prepare for an epic adventure.

X: Game Over by James Patterson

Daniel X is one among the best superheroes to ever exist and has beat tonnes of evil-doers. During this book, he must eliminate a pair of shape-shifters who own a famous video-game enterprise. Their next game release is another of their evil plans: they need to regulate the minds of youngsters everywhere the earth. Will Daniel X manage to save lots of the day once more or will its game over for him? Follow the alien-hunter on his heroic mission!


That’s right: your favorite YouTuber wrote a book! Ali-A is that the author of this awesome story and therefore the main character too (along together with his adorable dog, Eevee). When he’s at the launch of Alien Liberator 2, he’s forced to rework from a gaming icon into a hero who has to battle the cruel aliens crashing the event. Will he be able to save the day with the assistance of his fans or lose the fight to the end-of-game boss?