Six Books For Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness (part 1)

Children are also stressed out. Although this sounds so strange, it’s true. Due to weird pressures and sad realities, a lot of kids have to suffer with fears and anxiety. One of the best ways to help those challenges subside is to integrate yoga and mindfulness into their daily lives. Here are some helpful books to get you and your kids started.

Mindful Me, by Christiane Engel


ABC Mindful Me is a picture book introducing kids to and also reminds adults about the basics of loving human being and being a decent. As the book title indicates, it offers concepts that are associated with being mindful in alphabetical order, for example, A is Awareness, B is Breathe, C is Compassion,… In addition, the illustrations make the concepts easy and fun. Awareness has people looking at the sky. Breathe shows two people making pinwheels spin and blowing bubbles. Yes, mindfulness is as fun and easy as bubbles and pinwheels.

at Bedtime, by Dharmachari Nagaraja


This book includes 20 bedtime tales such as Goblin
Island and The Grateful Bull for kids to drift off to. The bedtime tales use
ancient wisdom in order to teach about morals and living a good life. Don’t
worry, it has an introduction for parents to understand the basics of Buddhism
before sharing with their kids. Moreover, the book is gorgeous, so adults will surely
enjoy the book as much as kids.

Pretzels, by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish


Yoga Pretzels isn’t not just a book; it’s a set of cards. It’s also for adults, not for kids only! Each card in this book offers a yoga pose with clear descriptions of what you should do in each pose. It also has pictures to show what each step looks like. There are up to 50 ways to get bendy in the deck, making for a myriad of sequences.