Photobook about beautiful gardens in Scotland

The photo book named “A Voice Above The Linn” captures the image of beautiful gardens in Scotland as a tribute to the owner of the garden, botanist Jim Taggart.

In 2016 during a trip to Scotland, photographer Robbie Lawrence visited Linn Gardens, a garden located in Cove Bay, west of the Ros Below peninsula.

The garden is managed and tended for 50 years by Jim Taggart. He is a well known botanist and climatic activist. Jim always warmly welcomes the visitors to his garden, with tea, cakes and stories about plants. The photo was taken not long before his death in 2019.

Jim discovered that the area’s subtropical climate allows him to grow crops from all over the world. He covered his garden with a network of diverse plants.

Together with his son, Jamie, Jim has collected about 4,000 species of plants, including 40 types of bamboo and 300 different types of azaleas.

As Jim got older, he transferred the management of the garden to his son. He makes great efforts to learn new varieties. Jamie goes to many lands to explore. Unfortunately, he died in an accident while he was exploring a remote mountain.

“When I first met Jim, he was over 80 years old. He told me that he decided to keep the garden as a souvenir for his son. Over the past few years, I have been visiting Jim again and documenting his garden over the four seasons. Regardless of my age, Jim walks around the garden with me and tells anecdotes about the trees in the garden, ”said the photographer.

The book also uses four new compositions by the famous poet John Burnside, arousing a subtle stream of emotion and depth to each image.

A Voice Above The Linn is a memory the photographer gives to a friend he treasures. The book was published in 2020, a year after Jim’s death.