Best books for teens to find their hobby gene (part 2)

Stitch People 2nd Edition, by Elizabeth

Skills needed: Cross-Stitch, Basic Design

Kids who have already picked up the basics of cross-stitch can be the hero of the holidays creating a “family portrait” for grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors or friends. Stitch People 2nd Edition gives descriptions of how to develop the people based on age and distinguish each by adding hobbies and hair color. The biggest task will be designing the pattern before starting the stitching. This is a great book for teens who have already mastered stitching and want to take the next step.

American Girl Cupcakes

Skills needed: Baking, Cooking

Kids ready to
advance their baking skills outside of the proverbial store-bought box will
enjoy the tastes they can create from this book. Written and published through
American Girl, the colors and flavor profiles are beautiful. The step-by-step
instructions will help tweens and teens create cupcakes for all occasions, and
take their skills up a notch with glazes, creams and custards to top on a yummy
cupcake. There are symbols all over the book to remind kids when an adult needs
to step in and help.

Yummy Yoga, by Joy Bauer

Skills needed: Yoga, Cooking (for more advanced yogis)

If your toddler
loved copying you as you worked out with a yoga program in the living room, he
or she will adore the foods that are posed in this book (and you’ll love the
recipes). For newbie yogis, the poses are formed for kids to try everything
from the Triangle Pose to the Cat Pose and the Forward Bend. The photos of the
food following form will tickle the imagination for the recipe that follows
(imagine broccoli in a tree pose then a recipe that uses broccoli and asparagus
with pasta). Older kids can help make the super nutritious post-workout snack.

Sew With Me, by Brandy Nelson

Skills needed: Sewing, Cutting

The 60 projects in Sew With Me will be attractive to kids in late elementary and middle school. The activities range from Frankenstein door hangers to Tooth Fairy pillows and many fun standouts in between. Kids can learn to sew gifts for their friends (like zipper pulls) and their relatives (like throw blankets). The projects are each rated on a scale of 1 (easy hand stitching) to 3 (use of a sewing machine is necessary).

The most awesome books for gaming fans (part 2)

Skylanders Universe: Cynder Confronts the Weather
Wizard, written by Onk Beakman

This book follows
Cynder doing his mission on the Isle of the Undead and discovering why storm
clouds are all gathering in the Cloudless Desert. The fifth novel in the series
written by Onk Beakman will hook you from the beginning and when the secrets of
the Mask of Power are revealed, you won’t be able to put it down! This is the
perfect book for the Skylanders video games fans and a great read for those loving
stories filled with adventure.

Ctrl-Z by Andrew Norriss

What if your computer took you back to an earlier part of your day when you hit Ctrl-Z? Alex’s new comp – one of the very unique birthday gifts his godfather John gives him every year – offers him the best opportunity to fix his mistakes. Together with his friend Callum, Alex puts his computer to good use but faces the consequences of going back in time – which can be fun, but sometimes disastrous. Watch this space…

Terraria Official Sticker Book

Become the hero and help in saving Terraria from The Corruption. A dangerous threat is spreading fast and you’re the only one who can stop it from bringing Terraria to its doom! Complete activities, stick stickers, create character profiles and get game tips to bring your beloved world back to its original state. Don’t let The Corruption win! This is the great book for Terraria fans and the ideal read for those loving action-packed books.

Monstroso by Charlie Higson

Fans of tactical games will really love the immersive Monstroso, which is a real-life warrior Oscar creates after finding out a mysterious file on his father’s computer. This warrior is programmed to do anything Oscar asks him to – but soon he realises that his new friend will only ever get him in trouble! Get ready to find yourself in the middle of crazy fights, adventures, and monsters!

Best books for teens to find their hobby gene (part 1)

Teens looking for a new hobby (or trying to put to good use some of the skills they learned this summer at camp) can look no further. With a few easy patterns, kids can turn skills like cooking, sewing or their love of pets into hobbies – or even a good side hustle. Some of these projects are perfect to start now for crafters who want to surprise family with a handmade gift at the holidays.

Handmade Animal
written by Melissa Lowry

Skills needed: Sewing,

If you aren’t already attracted by the adorable pictures of animal dolls on the cover of the book Handmade Animal Dolls, the ease of instructions will make these projects perfect for middle schoolers and older. Templates are provided and the instructions don’t assume a high degree of sewing talent. Kids will love picking the fabrics and giving the animals their own personalities.

Awesome Edible Kids
written by Arena Blake

Skills needed: Basic
Cooking (stirring, measuring, etc.)

Awesome Edible Kids Crafts provides 75 projects that encourages kids to play with their food. From gummy bear slime (making slime out of gummy bears) to glowing gelatin aliens, kids will learn about the science of food as much as the how to turn ordinary pancakes into something extraordinary. Recipes are rated by the necessity of adult supervision (from 1, which kids ages 6 and older can do on their own, to 5, which will require a lot more help).

The Big Book of
Tricks for the Best Dog Ever,
written by Larry Kay &
Chris Perondi

Skills needed:
Patience, A Dog

As hard as it was to potty train your child, kids will need that kind of patience to be able to train the family pet to perform awe-inspiring tricks, like sitting pretty and carrying objects. The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever is a great bonding tool for youngsters to get to know their dogs, and is best for kids in middle school and older. The instructions are perfect to teach both the dog and the human how to perform.