Best children’s books about football

Does your kid prefer kicking a ball to picking up a
book? Make them excited about reading with books about the beautiful game, from
brilliant football fiction for all ages and step-by-step technique manuals to World
Cup histories.

Story of the World Cup

Best children’s books about football

The Story of the World Cup is a fact-packed book with two hundred countries taking part in, three stolen trophies, and a heroic dog called Pickles. It is beautifully illustrated in Richard Brassey’s clear and accessible style. Expect an expert running commentary about golden boots, Cup records, and greatest players to accompany all match-watching after it has been read!

Football Skills

50 Football Skills is a practical manual of tips and techniques, covering all areas of the game, from the basics of defending and attacking to the complexities of obeying the offside rule and making a perfect corner kick. This book is guaranteed to be studied obsessively. Moreover, it is pocket-sized for easy access at the park or on the pitch.

Bonkers: and the Wacky World Cup! by Giles Andreae

Billy Bonkers: and the Wacky World Cup! includes three funny football stories and has the perfect length for newly independent readers to read alone. Billy Bonkers is a great wacky hero for KS1 soccer devotees as landing a plane and flying through the air in a hot-air balloon to the World Cup final.

Joke Book by Clive Gifford

Arm your kid with a huge selection of good, clean
football jokes. The puns, visual gags, one-liners, and plays on words will
ensure that they are expanding their vocabulary with all relevant lingoes!

by Laurence Anholt

A football-retelling of Cinderella, this story is great to read aloud and will be appreciated by KS1 readers. Cinders clean up after his nasty stepdad and ugly brothers and have no hope of going to the cup final… until he is invited to play!

things to make and do

Keep football fans entertained with some hands-on
craft projects. Make a flicking football game, a 3D penalty shoot-out and a
league table with slot-in football shirts, all from everyday household items.
Each activity is clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions, so minimal
supervision is re vvv][p0

Bringing Down the House: a blackjack playing guidebook

are several books written on playing Blackjack, but one of the phenomenal book
written so far that gives great inspiration to Casino lovers is “Bringing Down
the House.” Penned down by Ben Mezrich the book narrates the story of a group
of MIT Card Counters, famously known by the name the MIT Blackjack Team. The
book is a series of events that took place when this team played several games
of Blackjack and came out winning. The story is so inspiring that there were
two movies made on the story, namely 21 & The Last Casino.

of the Book:

MIT Blackjack team had great casino players the top players of which were Jason
Fisher and Andre Martinez. In 1993, Jason Fisher and Andre Martinez invited
another MIT graduate Kevin Lewis in the team. Lewis is the main character of
the book. The financer of the team was a colorful character, Micky Rosa. The
team played with unity; however, later, there were card counting deterrent
efforts as well as personality conflicts which caused the MIT Blackjack Team

book is labeled as a non-fiction book, but there are claims that it is not. The
Boston Globe, a famous American daily newspaper, however, claimed that the book
contains several fictional elements.

of Bringing Down The House:

book was claimed as fictional several times. Famous magazines and newspapers
like Boston Magazine and The Boston Globe were the first to run articles
claiming that the book has fictional element at significant places. It was
claimed that the author, Ben Mezrich, not only made up some events but
exaggerated at a number of places leading to a fictional story.

book also had several historical inaccuracies, for example, the underground
Chinatown Casino which in reality was never there. Also, the book showed that
strippers were used to Cash Out Chips, which is again not true.

are several scenes in the book that show that the players indulged in physical
assault, but again there are no records of any such event happening in real

it may be, the book had some great learnings for the casino aspirants. A
reading of the book offers great insights into the
rules of blackjack

and help people improvise their games. There may be many
controversies related to the book, but in all, it gained a lot of popularity
and still is referred by many casino lovers.

“Reflection: A Twisted Tale” by Elizabeth Lim, review

Reflection: A Twisted Tale is one of the novels in the Twisted Tales series. When being written, the series includes seven titles that was published over the past 4 years, with the seventh being newly released this summer and the eighth due in early 2020. Each book of the series is stand-alone, which means you can read whichever stories that intrigue you the most in whichever order that you feel like.

If you are
unfamiliar with the series, each novel provides a spin on a Disney classic,
twisting the tales we know clearly and discovering how the characters would
react should be an element of their story go astray. The twist takes place at
this point where Mulan defeats the Huns after causing an avalanche on the
mountain. In the midst of the commotion, Captain Li Shang is wounded mortally.
Mulan has to travel to the underworld, under the reign of King Yama, in order to
rescue Shang and bring him back to China.

Reflection was written by Elizabeth Lim while the other novels of the series were written by Jen Calonita and Liz Braswell. However, as with the past installments in the Twisted Tales series, this novel is jam-packed with adventure, with Elizabeth Lim’s descriptive style perfectly weaving Chinese underworld and cultural mythology into Mulan’s established character lines. The result really is a beautiful read.  Surely, Mulan is our powerful protagonist, along with Captain Shang by her side throughout. Mushu, who is everyone’s favourite dragon, also has a brief appearance, but disappointingly does not present throughout most of the novel. Instead, we will be joined by the great lion ShiShi – the captain’s family guardian. Although nowhere near as sassy or scrawny as Mushu, the lion ShiShi serves as a lovable and wise guide through the underworld, which doesn’t sound like the place where you would want to travel alone, even if you are a coursing river. Similarly to Once Upon a Dream, the adventure narrative follows our heroes on a long journey through countless action scenes, with bandit ghosts and demons, family ancestors to battle along way through the levels of King Yama’s realm.