2016 Wattpad Reading Challenge Info and Sign Up

A few months ago I learned of this magical place where people can share their stories, books, and writing. It’s been called the “Youtube for writing.”
This place is called Wattpad.
I want to commit to reading stories on Wattpad so decided what better way to do that then create a reading challenge?
The Reading Challenge Rules:
This challenge will begin January 1st, 2016 and end December 31st, 2016.
You must create a profile on Wattpad to be able to use the site.
Some authors share their stories in installments. A story on Wattpad does not need to be completed in order to count.
You can only count a story once. This means if a story has five parts added later, it may not count as five more stories.
If you started reading a story in 2015 and parts were added to it after Jan 1, 2016 you may count it.
There are five levels to this challenge.
Level 1: Just Curious About Wattpad
Read 1 – 5 stories on Wattpad
Level 2: Wattpad Newbie
Read 6 – 10 stories on Wattpad

Level 3: Wattpad Explorer
Read 11 – 15 stories on Wattpad

Level 4: Wattpad Lover
Read 16 – 20 stories on Wattpad

Level 5: Wattpad Fandom
Read 20+ stories on Wattpad

You may move up or down in levels if you need to.

If you are a book blogger or booktuber please give a review of the story.

Is there anything else I should know?

You do not need a blog to participate in this challenge. You can sign up using any social media profile (including your Wattpad profile).

Please post, tweet, blog, pin, and Instagram about my challenge to spread the word.

Please post, tweet, blog, pin, and Instagram about the stories you read. This helps more authors get their work read on Wattpad.

Use the hashtag #2016WattpadRC on social media.

Check back here or follow me on Twitter @hippiesreadtoo for info about Wattpad Readathons I will host throughout the year.

Sign up using Linky Tools below and the comment sharing the level you are choosing.